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rainbow planet song list
Rainbow Planet Imagination
Fairy Tale Princess Butterflies
The Computer Song Mermaids
I Feel Proud Kittens Prancin'
How Could I Change The World The Unicorn Song
Penguins Spin, Spin
Splish-Splash Bones (Bo-Wo-Wones)  

Mcfiddle dee dee song listMCFIDDLE DEE DEE SONG LIST:

McFiddle Dee Dee Rocket
Imagine That! Johnny B. Goode
Can A Tree Be Your Friend? Make Believe
Bunnies Go Bounce Magical Music
Happy Song Enchanted Lions
Joy-Oy-Oy The Sea
If Apples Were Pears Silvery, Silvery
Rainbow Rock Sing Me A Rainbow

Dinosaur ride song listDINOSAUR RIDE SONG LIST:

The Day The Dinosaurs Came To School Rockin' Robin
Tell It To The Birds In the Swamp Womp Womp
The Only One of Me Animals, Animals
Never Give Gum To A Guppy Gentle Giants
Great Feeling Day Waterfall
Jack-O-Lantern Forest Angel
Monsters Early Morning Light
Gwok Wok If I Were A Bird

friendship train song listFRIENDSHIP TRAIN SONG LIST:

Friendship Train Swirling Pictures
The Mountain Song The Moon
Rainbow City Ivy Rose
Bubble With Your Goldfish Once Upon A Morning
My Blanket Is The Sky Our Song
I Wanna Coming Home
Hand Jive Walk Across A Rainbow

we have a dream song listWE HAVE A DREAM SONG LIST:

How We Love To Sing Witchi Tai
Eco Wecology
Culturality (It's A Special World) Enuf-A-Shuffle
Find A Penny Home
Friends Around The World Plant A Seed
Pachamama Add Your Happiness
La Bamba Leprechaun Song
Rain Forest Father Eternity
  We Have a Dream

rainbow garden song listRAINBOW GARDEN SONG LIST:

AEO, I Am O'opu
Children of the Same World Neptune
Rainbow Snow
Gooba, Gooba, Gooba Rainbow Garden
Funky Monkey Peta & Rita
Go To The Moon Song to Autumn
Jungle in My Bedroom Laugh with Me Sunshine

rainbow garden song listRAINBOW DREAMS SONG LIST:

Laugh with Me Sunshine We Have a Dream
Heaven's Song Unicorn Song
Early Morning Light Mermaids
Vespers The Moon
Silverly, Silverly Enchanted Lions
Walk Across a Rainbow World of Peace
With My Eyes Closed Song to Autumn
Ivy Rose If I Were a Bird
Sing Me a Rainbow Spin Spin
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