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we have a dream cd coverWe Have a Dream, Jim Valley's fifth album, contains songs of courage, hope, ecology and "culturality". Jim continues to work his wonders with this colorful tapestry of styles, rhythms and instrumentations. This is one of those rare albums that both children and adults will never tire of.

Tapping deep into the rich reservoir of Native American and South American cultures, Jim and his Rainbow Planet friends offer up a truly world-class musical experience. From the pan flutes of the Andes and Amazon to the drums of Africa and North America, Jim ranges far and wide in search of the things that matter for people and planet in this modern world.

We Have A Dream is world music and inner vision for children and all those who believe that dreams can come true.


How We Love To Sing Witchi Tai
Eco Wecology
Culturality (It's A Special World) Enuf-A-Shuffle
Find A Penny Home
Friends Around The World Plant A Seed
Pachamama Add Your Happiness
La Bamba Leprechaun Song
Rain Forest Father Eternity


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