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The Rainbow Planet Book Series
with Jim Valley and Friends

Journey to a place where you and your students can explore friendships, diversity, and imagination through songs and creative movement.

    -Available in Big Books ($20 ea.) or Student Books ($6 ea.)
    -Integrate across the curriculum
    -Encourage creative movement and imagination
    -Appeal to all ages
    -Six Titles: (Click On Title To Preview Book)

Friendship Train
(Enjoy the entire Online Edition Here)
Penguins Are My Favorite Sort of Frogs
Rain Forest
Rainbow Planet


wishes come true, secrets of the rainbow planet WISHES COME TRUE
(Secrets of the Rainbow Planet)

A Musical for grades 3 - 7
by Jim Valley and Donalee Knowlton


Do you remember these awkward years in the midst of childhood when dealing with fickle friendships, neighborhood bullies, and peer pressure seemed never-ending? Andy Alexander is trying to make sense of it all and wishes things could be better.

Feeling frustrated, Andy is ready to give up until a turn of events provide him with a rare opportunity. Traveling through his dreams, he takes a look inside himself and begins to see things in a more positive way. With the help of some unique characters and catchy tunes trapped inside his imagination, Andy discovers that wishes really can come true!

WISHES COME TRUE (Secrets of the Rainbow Planet) is available as a book ($12) and as a CD ($20) which features full instrumentation but no vocals, so your group can do the singing!









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