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A big thank you for taking a risk and bringing Jim Valley to our area. He was absolutely delightful in his interactions with students, faculty, and parents. It was amazing to watch him present a powerful message in such an enjoyable fashion. His warm personality, sense of humor, and devotion to children gained my respect and admiration. What a dedicated professional and fine human being! I imagine that our students will remember this experience for many years to come. (Robert Dean, Metcalf School, Bloomington, Illinois)

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Soos Creek Elementary, Kent WA 1984

Your special performance and hands-on activity for received praise both for its content and your excellent delivery. Your capabilities as a storyteller and musician were particularly entertaining to the teachers, parents and administrators who attended your session. The following quotes are typical of the comments your audience wrote on the evaluation forms: “High energy level.” “Made me feel great!” “Has a warmth and charm that motivates.” “Please have him next year.”
(Mary Ann Nelson, Professor of English
Director, Eastern Washington University’s Young Writers’ Project)

On behalf of the Hopkinton PTO, I want to thank you for filling our halls and our souls with your wonderful uplifting songs. Everyone, young and old alike, enjoyed every minute spent at the concert at Harold Martin School. We have all bought tapes so we can take you home with us to brighten our days and put a lively bounce in our step. Children and parents have voiced their hopes of seeing you again next year. Thanks again for such a well organized and smooth running and rollicking good time!
(Anne Ferrigno, Hopkinton, NH)

Jim Valley brought his “Rainbow Planet Workshop” to life for everyone at Minier/Armington Elementary last April. Students had prepared in advance by composing lyrics and poetry, learning his songs, and listening to his CDs. When he arrived, everyone was thrilled to finally have a chance to hear him in person. To everyone’s amazement, it was even more exciting than anticipated because the students actually became part of this performance by sharing his music and interacting with him personally. He put student-composed lyrics and poetry to music and everyone joined in together. (Minier, Illinois)

Appreciating Diversity:
One of the many benefits of a Jim Valley visit to your school is the extraordinary way in which Jim can personalize his workshops to fit a theme or need you may have with the students, teachers and families in your school. Listen to the song "Culturality", for example. Through music, which appeals to all ages ~ both the young and young at heart, Jim can encourage and guide his audiences toward important discussions about the value of diversity and treating all people with kindness, thus helping to create a bully-free environment.

While it's true that most young children do not naturally engage in disrespectful behavior toward one another, it's equally true that negative messages about cultural and social differences continue to be pervasive in our world; and unfortunately, children do absorb these attitudes and behaviors. Consequently, it is especially important for teachers and parents to find effective ways to help children "unlearn" these negative ideas.

A Jim Valley Rainbow Planet Workshop is an ideal way to address, in an open and non-judgmental manner, concepts of acceptance and respect for all people. His workshops facilitate teachers and children in tackling difficult concepts in an atmosphere of friendship and fun. Through music, song and dance, children learn how to develop positive relationships and support for each other through acts of kindness and acceptance of differences. Children learn how to take a stand against bullying. Jim Valley's music and messages resonate with children and adults in positive life-shaping and life affirming ways.

Wendy Givan
Former Elementary Teacher
Equal Opportunity/Diversity Officer, Kenyon College

Thank you for the wonderful job you did with our students. It can be said that the rainbow that was over our school set off a wonderful glow in our teachers and students alike, making our part of the planet beautiful. The students are really enjoying their tapes and CD’s. This is such a good way to leave the students with their memories to visit time and time again.
(Ann Nevitt, Fuller Elementary School, Tempe, AZ)

Your visit to Frontier Elementary was uproarious and fun, and the kids were just full of joy-oy-oy with the uplift. Actually, so were we all!
(Terry Hale, Payson, AZ)

Muchas gracias for coming to Lima and sharing your joy and music. You leave a wave of happiness and love behind you. What you are doing makes a difference in the world.”
(Susan Young, Lima, Peru)

In Rainbow Planet workshops .....children use their hands, heads, and hearts to create community in an atmosphere of joy.
(Kathy Shrestha ..Music/PE Teacher Lincoln School Kathmandu, Nepal)










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