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Interactive Joy Thru Movement & Song

Creativity, imagination and a zest for learning... that's what the music and movement of Jim Valley brings to children everywhere.

A joyful interactive DVD from Jim Valley and his Rainbow Planet.

Music in Motion is intended for children, teachers, and families and encourages children to do what they do best--- sing and dance and to express their creativity through movement and song. Designed to inspire active imaginations... to build self-esteem, and connect to the joy-oy-oy inside.


  • Jim's songs have become classic dance and sing-a-longs in classrooms and homes around the world.

  • Multicultural and environmentally conscious messages.

  • Weaves song and dance with imaginative thinking and play.

  • Engages children in creative multi-sensory experiences.

  • Includes Friends Around the World musical slideshow.

  • Provides printable files - illustrated lyrics, sheet music, motion diagrams, enrichment activities.

  • Songs Include:
    Rainbow Planet
    Add Your Happiness
    Hand Jive
    Bunnies Go Bounce
    Computer Song
    Funky Monkey
    Rain Forest
    Witchi Tai
    Friendship Train
    Rainbow City
    Splish Splash

    Uses and benefits:

    For teachers -- as a reward for students who have earned a special activity; as a transition activity between paper and pencil kinds of lessons; a rainy day activity; an activity that supports various aspects of the curriculum- e.g. creative thinking; diversity; ecology; social skills; a fun-fitness multi-sensory activity.

    For parents -- for family fun—singing, dancing, laughing and playing together; as a weekend activity, to keep bodies and minds active; as family health and fitness, learning about other cultures; exercising body and brain.

    Music in Motion is also a wonderful choice for babysitters and DayCare staff -- and as a gift for friends and friends of children.









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