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What Kids say about rainbow planet
Jim Valley had excellent hand movements. He's really great! The hand girl with a guitar
movements help you learn the words to the songs. They also get your
heart moving. Jim Valley is fantastic. Nicholas and Ross ...First Grade

Dear Jim Valley,
We learned a lot from your songs. They talk about the world and us.
We think you are a great person because you work hard trying to teach
kids things like: saving the rain forest and helping each other. You
taught us that when you sing, you sing from the heart. We will try to
remember this. Love, third graders of Kapalama School

Dear Jim Valley,
Thank you for coming to our school. I had a really great time. Each
year you come it seems to get better and better. My favorite song is
Penguins are My Favorite Sort of Frogs. I hope you come back next
year. Your friend, Stephanie Pai

Dear Jim Valley,
You made us laugh a lot with your expressions! I really liked your
nature and earth songs and especially "Splish Splash". Your songs are
the best because we can sing and dance with them. We enjoyed it when
you made kid's poems into songs. How did you learn to transform poems
into songs so fast? Please come back and share your music with our
school. Love, Amber

Jim Valley,
Your concert at our school, Jubail Academy, was great! At no other
time in my life have I seen a room full of people all happy at the
same time, singing, dancing and smiling.
You brought something to our school that wasn't here before, singing
in the hallways. Since your songs are about happy things such as
rainbows, your songs have brought an amount of child-like happiness.
Sincerely, Gena Yurkovich (Middle School) PS I like your tie-dye socks

Your songs were great. The songs were so good I didn't have a favorite.
The Friendship Train and Rainbow City were so cool~it really felt
like I was there! Thank you for coming to our school! Your
friend...Kate Tomlinson









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