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jim valley songwriterJIM VALLEY
Poet, Songwriter, Educator and Friend...

Jim's work in schools began in 1980 when he was invited to by an administrator to create a "Friendship Workshop" in a troubled school, and to write a song that would "help us learn to get along." The song Rainbow Planet was born. The workshop was so successful that Jim was soon traveling to schools throughout Washington state where he wove children's words and feelings into songs, helping them feel special about themselves. He now travels around the world presenting workshops and concerts to children, teachers and families.

Jim Valley has become an international troubadour whose songs help children open up and express themselves through music and movement. Rainbow Planet Workshops help foster creativity, friendship, self-esteem and an appreciation of world cultures and our planet.

Jim's energetic presentations enliven the school community with a sense of celebration and fun!

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"Singing is a way we can open our lives and hearts to the magic that surounds us. When you set poetry to music and music to movement, it becomes a language that speaks to children."
-- Jim Valley

Jim has been entertaining audiences most of his life. Indeed, the parents and grandparents of many of Jim's current young fans may have danced and sung along with his music way back when. Nicknamed "Harpo", Jim was the lead guitarist for Paul Revere and the Raiders during the group's peak of popularity in the mid sixties. Click Here for more about Jim and Paul Revere and the Raiders.

Jim has seven grandchildren and lives in Gig Harbor in the state of Washington.

Spreading a philosophy rich in imagination, friendship and environmental sensitivity, Jim is a true ambassador for our times.

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