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by Miss McGrath's fifth grade glass
Lowell Elementary School
Tacoma, Wash 1989

I think I need a tissue, I am just about to sneeze
My eyes begin to water as suddenly I freeze
My mouth is completely open awaiting the relief
When at that glorious moment it disappeared like a thief

Then suddenly again I feel a little wheeze
Oh yes.... oh yes....
I feel another sneeze~ It's such a heavenly moment
My heart just stopped it's beat
I feel it coming on now I'm lifting off my feet

by Ms. Keen's fourth grade class
Browne Elementary School
Spokane, Wa. Sept. 2007

Character counts at Browne School
Because we follow the golden rule

You be fair, I'll be fair
We'll all be fair together

Good citizens building a strong community
Celebrating differences, so glad we're free

Don't hog the ball, give someone else a turn
It's the fair thing to do, so nobody gets burned

Second graders~ International School of Bombay
March 2007

Who worries about, cares about, thinks about you?
We do! Your Family
Who loves you, who helps you, who celebrated with you?
We do! Your Family

Fathers and mothers and sisters and brothers,
Grandparents and cousins an uncles and aunts
Do not forget the driver maid or pet
C'mon everybody let's dance!

Fifth Graders ~ American Embassy School
New Delhi, India March 2007

Reduce, reduce,you gotta reduce
Turn off the tap, use your legs, use less gas
Carpool or you'll pollute the world

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Reuse, reuse you gotta reuse
Wear hand-me-downs! use both sides of the paper
Refll your bottle, say no the plastic bags
Or you'll be wasting the world!

Reduce, reduce, you gotta recycle
Recycle paper, can bottles and clothes
Recycle at home, recycle at school
And together we will save the world

Grade Four American International School of Dhaka
March 2007 Bangladesh

Save the children, save the children
All the children everywhere.

Hug them, teach them, make them proud
STAND UP and show you care

Children are working and getting scars,
Some children are getting hurt in wars

We as children have many rights
To guide us and protect us and shape our dreams at night
Family, shelter, clothing food and water
Education makes our brains much smarter

by Day-Lynn Bastien
Almaty International School, Kazakhstan
10 years old
February 2008, Kazakhstan

Kindness is the cure to any disease,
It's not abracadrabra, it's thank you and please.
Peace makes us happy and being rude is a crime,
"Cause if you are mean, you're as sour as a lime.
Good words make us smile, bad words make us frown,
It is fair to say nice things to the black, the white or the brown.
If you see that someone is feeling down and is very very sad,
Go over there and do something and make them feel glad.
If someone is having a rough day,
Go over and ask them if they want to play.
No matter where you go, no matter what you do,
Being kind means happiness will always be with you.

by Madeline Cook
Dhahran Hills School, Saudi Arabia
Third Grade
January 2008, Saudi Arabia

With sound of music in the air,
If it's playing I am always there.
It's like a dream of "once upon a song"
I can't help but play along.
I practice everyday,
when my parents gave it to me,
I didn't know what to say.
When someone knocks on my bedroom door,
I say, "Come in, come in,
And listen to the music of my violin."

by Maria Jose Garzon, 3rd grade
Udhailiyah School, Saudi Arabia
January 2008, Saudi Arabia

A Horse is Flying in my Mind
Jumping and flapping its wings as fast as he can.
And being ready to discover things everyday,
and to enjoy his journeys
To be ready to do its work and to have fun!
To be in good shape and always keep up
A Horse is Flying in my Mind
Jumping and flapping its wings as fast as he can.











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