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rainbow planet Rainbow Planet friendship train Friendship Train fiddle dee dee McFiddle Dee Dee dinosaur ride Dinosaur Ride
We have a dream We Have a Dream rainbow garden Rainbow Garden dinosaur ride Rainbow Dreams rolling seas Rolling Sea    


For frazzled parents who must endure listening to kids play their favorite CDs and tapes approximately five million times (and that's just in the first week), Jim Valley arrives like the cavalry with his Rainbow Planet CDs. Imminently listenable, Valley's songs are cascading tapestries of melodies and ideas that delight kids and bring a tapping toe and smiling face to adults.

Many of the lyrics are written by elementary school children with music composed by Jim Valley in his Rainbow Planet Workshops. . . a magical approach, to which children respond eagerly and positively. Yet this is not music just for kids. Adults too, will appreciate Jim's finely crafted melodies, intricate arrangements and enchanting vocal style.

Jim Valley is at the forefront of each album, joined in the recording studio by a host of talented friends. Jim’s music is filled with guitar licks as sharp and fresh as any in today’s - or yesterday’s - popular music, and eloquent piano lines classy enough for the concert hall.

Have fun while exploring different lands and cultures... learning about animals and nature... and imparting the values of friendship, self esteem and imagination.

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