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Welcome to Rainbow Dreams... The Lullaby Collection!rainbow dreams - the lullaby collection

Lullabies to sing and enjoy together. Melodies and lyrics to help soothe, calm and float a child off to dreamland. A wonderful treasure for young children... and those who love them.

These "quieting" songs are hand-picked from Jim's six other Rainbow Planet CDs.

Listen To A Song Collage From Rainbow Dreams

Includes all-time Rainbow Planet favorites If I Were a Bird, Silverly Silverly, Ivy Rose, We Have a Dream, Walk Across a Rainbow, Sing Me a Rainbow, and 12 other great songs, including three never-before-released tunes: Vespers, Heaven's Song and World of Peace.

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Song List:

Laugh with Me Sunshine We Have a Dream
Heaven's Song Unicorn Song
Early Morning Light Mermaids
Vespers The Moon
Silverly Silverly Enchanted Lions
Walk Across a Rainbow World of Peace
With My Eyes Closed Song to Autumn
Ivy Rose If I were a Bird
Sing Me a Rainbow Spin Spin









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