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rainbow planet with jim valley and friendsWelcome to the Rainbow Planet, where friendship, self-esteem and imagination are explored through song and creative movement. A joyous celebration of the creative child in all of us.

Many of the lyrics are written by elementary school children with music composed by Jim Valley in his Rainbow Planet Workshops.

You are invited to share in the wonder of children expressing themselves as you listen.

A magical musical place where children and parents can have fun together. Enjoy!


Rainbow Planet Imagination
Fairy Tale Princess Butterflies
The Computer Song Mermaids
I Feel Proud Kittens Prancin'
How Could I Change The World The Unicorn Song
Penguins Spin, Spin
Splish-Splash Bones (Bo-Wo-Wones)  


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rainbow planet Rainbow Planet friendship train Friendship Train fiddle dee dee McFiddle Dee Dee dinosaur ride Dinosaur Ride
We have a dream We Have a Dream rainbow garden Rainbow Garden dinosaur ride Rainbow Dreams rolling seas Rolling Sea    

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