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Welcome to Rainbow Garden... Children of the Same World!rainbow garden - children of the world

The songs on Rainbow Garden are bright, bouncy and rock and roll in just the right places. Also includes quieting songs of peace, sunshine, autumn and snow. These songs confirm for children and rediscover for the rest of us, miracles that comprise life.

Slide down these rainbows with your children. Jim will catch you at the bottom. But watch out for that “Funky Monkey.” He’ll tickle your funny bone if you let him.

Includes Jim's audience favorites, such as "Funky Monkey", "Go To The Moon", and Huey 'Piano' Smith's classic tune, "Gooba, Gooba, Gooba”. Also the beautiful and inspiring "Children of the Same World". This CD is dedicated to the happy gardener and dancer in us all!

jim enjoying his garden

Song List:

AEO, I Am O'opu
Children of the Same World Neptune
Rainbow Snow
Gooba, Gooba, Gooba Rainbow Garden
Funky Monkey Peta & Rita
Go To The Moon Song to Autumn
Jungle in My Bedroom Laugh with Me Sunshine



To Hear A Song Collage From Rainbow Garden Windows Media QuickTime

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