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Dinosaur ride cd

dinosaur ride cd coverRainbow Planet magic continues on Jim’s fourth album, Dinosaur Ride, which could have been titled "Dinosaurs and Assorted Other Animals".

Birds, whales, guppies and even an imaginary creature, the "Gwok Gwok", share the spotlight with the Dinos. Includes the rock classic "Rockin' Robin", and a nifty little tune just for kids who may be scared of monsters. . . also the beautiful "If I Were A Bird Tonight."




The Day The Dinosaurs Came To School Rockin' Robin
Tell It To The Birds In the Swamp Womp Womp
The Only One of Me Animals, Animals
Never Give Gum To A Guppy Gentle Giants
Great Feeling Day Waterfall
Jack-O-Lantern Forest Angel
Monsters Early Morning Light
Gwok Wok If I Were A Bird


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