WECOLOGY (We Have a Dream)

Wecology..we care
About earth and sea and air

Wecology…you and me
Saving an ocean or a tree

So few are the numbers of bears black and white
The Chinese giant Panda with eyes so sad and bright
Who will save them?
Who can turn the tide?
Extinction is forever Can we say we all have tried?
Once you were so many reaching oh so high
Rooted in the earth, touching blue sky
The wonders of our woodlands are disappearing fast
Ancient forests of the past, will you be the last?
Old growth is logged
The ozone is weakening
Dolphins are crying, while we are speaking
This is the world we live in
This is where we’ll be
We can make the difference…Wecology
Eat it up! Wear it out! Use it up or do without!