GWOK WALK (Dinosaur Ride)

Imagine there’s a story that must be told
About an animal that’s big and bold
He’s called the Gwok Gwok and he’s very rare
And this critter comes from only heaven knows where
He’s kind of a bird, kind of a frog
Kind of a furry fish swimming over logs

Gwok Gwok, do the Gwok Gwok Walk
Gwok Gwok, do the Gwok Gwok Walk

Everybody used to love him for their trophy shelf
Cause he had no way to protect himself
People finally realized the Gwok’s horrible fate
But when they realized it, it became too late
All of a sudden from the top of a knoll
Came the sounds of two Gwoks singing Gwok n’roll
The moral to this story of this cute little song
Take care of all Gwok Gwoks
And let what belongs belong, what belongs, belong!