HOME (We Have a Dream)

Let me tell you a story ‘bout a place under your feet
Where water runs 8 miles wide and 300 feet deep
It stretches under the County from the
Plains through the State line
Streams and lakes and water seepin’
Outta sight and outta mind
(cool water, under-ground, it’s called an Aquifer)
It’s not a lake, it’s not a stream that
Flows beneath us underground
It’s a rocky kind of place where all our
Water can be found
Flowing water can’t outrun pollutants
Dumped upon the land
They find their way to drinking water
Seepin’ down through dirt and sand (all our drinking
Water, way beneath us underground, Aquifer!)


Well, forty-thousand school kids could
Help us step-by-step to stop
Water drop by water drop.
Hey-can of pop by can of pop
Making wise choices, conserving
Resources, combining our voices to say
We’re gonna save this place we call home

If I could make the wind blow free
Crystal waters running pure
Make a mountain of troubles into a
Hill of beans
Now we know the answer
Now we know the cure

Let me tell you a tale that’s tall and fat and wide
It’s heaping up like mountains
It’s a mess we just can’t hide
It’s a great big daily garbage pile of stuff we throw away

You could fill a school gymnasium with the
County’s garbage of one day (four pounds a day for
Every single person – that’s a lot!)
If you don’t need it, just don’t buy it
It if breaks, give it a fix
When its paper, glass and plastic in the
Recycle bin it fits
Make this growing heap of throw-away
Begin to go away
Just reduce, reuse, recycle it
We can make it a brighter day (reduce, reuse,
Recycle, please don’t trash it, we can’t bear it.)