KITTENS PRANCIN’ (Rainbow Planet)

Kittens prancin’, Kittens prancin’
Butterflies…Dancin’, glancin’ at the sun.
Birds are singing, I am grinning
And I’ve only just begun.

Winds blowin’, winds blowin’, winds blowin’
Rivers flowin’, I’m going home!
Underneath the trees,
They can comfort me, look and see!

It’s so simple like a children’s song we sing.
All the flying things!
Did you see the sunrise today?
Did you walk in the grass and play?
By the way.

Kitten’s prancin’, kitten’s prancin’, kittens prancin’
Dancin’, glancin’ at the sun.
Ocean’s splashing, I am laughing!
And I’ve only just begun,
I’ve only just begun
I’ve only just…begun