I WANNA (Friendship Train)

I wanna work with my hands
I wanna lay on the sand
I wanna play in the city, live on the land
I wanna be your friend
And glide like a seagull do!
I wanna kiss your dog, dance with your frog
Be real lazy sometimes, like a bump on a log
I wanna sing sweet music; I wanna boogey-woogey too!
Can I dance by the waves?
Cause commotion, sweet devotion
Lay me down at night
And fall asleep in peace
And wake up in the morning
I wanna shine like the sun
When the day has begun
Dream with the moon, happy tune
Sing sweet music; I wanna rock n’ roll!
I wanna clap my hands, I wanna lay on the sand
Play in the city, I wanna live on the land
I wanna glide…like a seagull do!