When the morning shines so bright
We come to school with such delight
To only see a beautiful sight!
And that beautiful sight we see
Is a big humongous tree
            And then the Bunnies Go Bounce
            And the chipmunks chatter
            And the squirrels go squeak
            But when the rocks roll
            Then the snakes go SSSSSS!
If we were to climb that tree
We’d look down and then we’d see
A party happening merrily
We’d join in with great glee
And we’d be singing--(Chorus)
But then the party has to end
Because it starts to rain again
But when the sun comes out so bright
Once again it’s a beautiful sight
And the rainbow colors everywhere--(Chorus)
When the morning shines so bright
Such delight!! (Squeak!)

Lyrics by M. Lindley/M. Johnson/M. Sabelhaus
3rd grade class; Burley Glenwood Elementary, Port Orchard, WA 1986