MY BLANKET IS THE SKY (Friendship Train)

A hill gives me a place to sit
The earth a place to stand
The sky gives me a place to jump
The grass a place to land
A pond gives me a place to swim
The sun a place to dry
And if I should fall asleep, my blanket is the sky.
A rainbow is a place to dream
To float upon a magic colored stream
To travel near, to travel far
Beyond the sun, behind a star.
The wind will always wake me up
To see the clouds pass by
A great white fluffy circus
Parading in the sky
And then comes color dancing by
A bird, a bee, a butterfly.
A tree gives me a place to climb
To visit this young friend of mine
We share an apple, then skip and run
We try and catch the falling sun.
Then the stars and then the moon
The day has ended much too soon.
So I wave good-bye and head for bed
The moon lights up my way
As I tuck myself into the night
And it turns into day