IMAGINE THAT! (McFiddle Dee Dee)

ImagineThat! You find a magic hat
Looking inside you see a rainbow slide
With butterflies and dazzling monarch skies
Children playing with laughing shining eyes
Living dreams, tumbling streams
We’re all connected so it seems
Picture way, away across the world
Another boy, another girl
Tears and laughter, joy and pain
In our hearts we’re all the same
Imagine That! Animals wild and free
Just like the singing dancing child in me
We can speak their language if we dare
If we only take the time to care
Things that feel so distant and so far
The sky above, the moon, the star
We’re all together in a special way
For that’s what nature tries to say
Again and again and again--Butterflies
Living dreams, living dreams
Living tumbling streams
We’re all connected so it seems
Yes we’re all connected so it seems
Imagine That, Imagine That, Imagine That!