ECO (We Have a Dream)

No matter where in the world you roam
The place you love the best is home
Breathe the air that’s the breath of life
Enjoy cool streams that calm the strife
Dancing in the leaves from green to gold
This home’s an Ecosystem we are told

Eco is a word – a word for home
System means working together
One gigantic family tree
That means you and me are we
One big extended family

No matter – bird or kid or mouse
Your nest is a part of the bigger house
All kinds of family members
We hope everyone remembers
Share the same air
We splish the same splash
What we throw away the land can’t stash
Looking down over the waterfalls
From inland’s heart we hear the call
Plants and animals, you and me
All are welcome to be
So why in the world should I care
If there’s pollution everywhere?
‘Cause water and land we all must share
And this same lesson’s true for air
Remind myself that I’m not alone
In this Ecosystem we call home
(Chorus) 3x