RAINBOW PLANET (Rainbow Planet)
We all ride the same spaceship,
Traveling through our universe.
We all share the same sunshine,
We can live together, just a matter of time.

We can learn to get along,
Just as easy as we sing this song.
Come on people, just you wait and see.
We can learn to live peacefully, peacefully.

We all love to rock n’roll,
Sway to the music, let your motions go.
Clap your hands, put a smile on your face.
Give three cheers for the whole human race!

Living on a Rainbow Planet, lots of things to do:
Being a friend and lending a hand;
Is most important, it’s certainly true.
Just between me and you. Just between me and you.

So let’s build each other up!
Not put each other down!
We all share a common thread,
The thread is love goes round and round.
I am special, you are special
We are special together!