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What a hot time I had in Kuwait! It was February and only 113 degrees! Of course we were all air conditioned but step outside and it was an definitely an oven. Three international schools hosted the Rainbow Planet man and songs that spoke of tolerance and caring for one another abounded. The teachers at the schools were as much fun as the kids, especially when they performed their version of Splish Splash with their bathrobes. At the end of the week there was a huge concert for kids, teachers and families from all three schools. What a celebration!

I was taken out to the desert to experience the environment including camels and their Bedouin caretakers. Now here we are well over 100 degrees and this camel man is outfitted for winter... almost.

More camels~ one in his finest outfit!

Friendly teachers hosting an iced tea gathering and making me feel most welcome!

My hosted took me shopping at a carpet suik ~ i didn't get this one but a picture shows how beautiful they are ~ hand woven in a village! Can you believe it?

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