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India -- what an amazing colorful adventure! I've just been able to see such a tiny part of the sub-continent, but still the sights and sounds and colors will never leave my heart! The three places I was fortunate to explore were Agra, home of the Taj Mahal, New Delhi, the capitol, and Bombay, or as it's called now Mumbai, which is home to the India movie industry nicknamed "Bollywood".

I was invited to visit International schools in New Delhi and Bombay. I hope you enjoy the photos and I'll be adding new photos soon, so come back and visit.

Some say the Taj Mahal (above), located in Agra, India, is the most beautiful building in the world. It was built as a memorial shrine for the king's wife. It has a facinating history -- you might Google it and find out for yourself.

My guide took this one -- does it look like I'm working hard?

These two cows are part of the lawn mowing team. See the lawn mower behind them? When I first arrived at Taj Mahal there were outside the gates and I didn't realize what they were about. Later as I was leaving I saw them in action!

There were so many incredible sights on the road from Delhi to Agra. This one I had to capture! I jumped out of the car and ran up ahead of the shepherds and their sheep to get this shot. One of my favorites. It probably looked just like this hundreds of years ago!

An outside laundry in Bombay. It's quite amazing how peoples clothes never seem to get lost even though there are no computers and hardly anything written down about what belongs to who.

Flower sellers at the edge of the road always seem to have a friendly smile. Here a mother an d son prepare their flowers.

A Rainbow Planet cute little ferry boat. I was taken to an island to see huge ancient stone statues.

In Bombay you still see examples of the old British Empire.

Such happy friendly humble people!

Bright eyed and bushy-tailed dreaming of a happy life! New Delhi.

A precious young lady in a place called Old Delhi. These colorful homes are what New Delhi looked like over a hundred years ago.

This is my friend Heeru. She is the librarian at the International School of Bombay and she helped plan my visit there as well as being my guide to many magical places.

I'm teaching the kids Splish Splash at the Bombay school.

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