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January 8, 2000 and Rainbow Planet arrives in Cairo, Egypt after a week in Nigeria where I presented workshops and concerts in Lagos and Abuja.

This is my first visit to the African contenent, very exciting! Cairo is such a fascinating city and the giant pyramids of Giza are on the outskirts of the city. My first view of them takes my breath away. The Sphynx is really quite small compared to the great pyramids.

Going for a camel ride around the back of the ancient is a thrill! You climb on the camel when he's sitting down with his legs folded under him, and when he gets up...... you're moving all sorts of ways and you're holding on for dear life! Then in a matter of seconds I'm transported to ancient Egypt in a beautiful desert on a sun-shiny day. Heart be still! My camel's name is Moses and he has very nice manners.

It was great fun to explore the old market in Cairo where my partner Janice and I met some very interesting folks and shopped for gallabias, which is what both women and men wear in Egypt, very comfortable!

While in Cairo I gave workshops at the British International School and the Cairo American College which is the American International School. The kids wrote some wonderful poems which I helped make into songs. The last day at CAC we had two family concerts in a giant Arabian tent. What fun!!!

The next day we flew to Aswan where we began an incredible Nile cruise! The boat would stop every day at a different little town. We would hop off the boat and explore with our guide, whose name was "Magic". We explored ancient buildings, temples and memorials. One of them called Abu Simbel was moved from its original location to another place 200 feet higher because of a giant dam that was built in the 1970s. The ancient Egyptians were such amazing artists and builders. If you ever get the opportunity to visit Egypt you won't be disappointed.

egypt on a camel

Of the ancient "Seven Wonders of the World" only the Pyramids remain, still as imposing as when Alexander the Great gazed upon them over 2,500 years ago.

When you visit the Pyramids, be sure to enjoy a camel ride. This camel's name is "Moses".

pyramids in egypt

The famous and mysterious "Sphinx", foreground, is much smaller than the Pyramids. People (in the distance) are even tinier.

shopping in egypt

Janice and I receive advice on selecting fashionable Egyptian clothing from a Cairo tailor.

on the nile

How about a little rest and relaxation aboard a cruise ship in the middle of the Nile River, the longest river in the world. Even though most of Egypt is sandy desert, the land near the river is green and lush with natural vegetation and cultivated fields. Some folks living along the river live much as people did thousands of years ago.

jim valley in upper egypt

Here we are on the grounds of ancient Abu Simbel, in what is called "Upper Egypt" even though it is actually in the southern section of the country. It's called "upper" because it is located on Egypt's upper section of the Nile.

All those huge stone monuments you see behind me were carved by hand by the ancient Eyptians. When modern Egyptians built the Aswan Dam and flooded this area, these monuments had to be moved to higher ground. To do so, the monuments had to be carefully taken apart and put back together again, stone by stone.

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