ANIMALS, ANIMALS (Dinosaur Ride)

Animals, Animals all kinds of animals
Big ones, small ones, short ones, tall ones
Animals, animals all kind of animals
Each one of them has a special way of doing things
Like how the colorful, merry canary sings (doing things)
Like how a giant panda eats bamboo shoots
Or how a snowy white owl hunts and hoots (hoot hoot)
They may fly, run, swim or creep
They may hunt, graze or always, always sleep
They ma live in the forest, swim in the sea
Walk, talk or buzz like a bee, buzz like a bee
Some you may not have heard of
And some you always do
Now there’s a hairy gorilla, a dog and a kangaroo
We hope you got our message
For it’s important to be true
We love all the animals and we hope you do too